Bond, James Bond

In the world of the movies the legend that is James Bond has no equal. From the moment 007 burst onto the screen with his suave, sophisticated and dangerous image he was destined to become an icon. Few could have predicted that the man with the licence to kill would still be with us 40 years later with more than 20 films and in 6 incarnations – 7 if you include Woody Allen in the spoof Casino Royale!

Arguably one of the most important contributions to the legend of Bond after the hero himself is the music, particularly those immortal and spectacularly original songs. In this concert all the songs are performed as we are transported to the strange and exciting world of Bond … James Bond. From the wonderful sultry From Russia with Love through the sexy Diamonds are Forever to the slick The World is not Enough we see a world of treachery, danger, heroism and hedonism.

The concert is scored either for full orchestra or big band, four soloists, backing vocalists and pop group, with orchestrations by the master arrangers John Coleman & Barry Forgie.