Musicals Rock

The pop and rock world came crashing into the stage musicals during the 1960s, bringing a new and modern approach to theatre. The young writers were so uninhibited and free from all the rules that any subject was available for them to turn into a stage show. Jesus Christ Superstar led the way with Tommy, Hair and Godspell quickly following. Grease was the first show to take us on a retro tour, in this case the 1950s, and The Rocky Horror Show took us into the totally unreal world previously inhabited by the rock and pop music video scene. That audiences cannot get enough of this musical revolution is borne out by the profusion of rock and pop musicals in recent years – Mamma Mia!, Fame, We Will Rock You, Rent, Saturday Night Fever, Tonight’s the Night and Our House.

Musicals.Rock takes you on a journey through the highlights of some of these wonderful, spectacular and sometimes off the wall shows. Never before have these excerpts been put together in one concert and the result is a feast of thrilling music together with exceptional performances from a young and vibrant cast, backed by the power and energy of an orchestra and rock group.

Four singers, together with a five piece pop group, join forces with the orchestra. Perfectly designed to appeal to a slightly younger audience, yet still attractive to an audience who wish to be taken away on a wave of nostalgia